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These pictures may help you to confirm that we're the Peter and Jacqueline Biddlecombe you think we are. We're both ex-thirty-somethings and live in Princes Risborough, Buckinghamshire, UK.

We moved here from Hyde Heath in December 1997. We've been together since we met at the proms in 1992, and married since 1995. We were both born and brought up in London suburbia.

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Our jobs

Peter used to work in IT - in his last IT job he wrote programs and documentation for a dental practice management software company. After being made redundant from that job, he was lucky enough to step into the shoes of Barbara Hall when she retired as the Crossword Editor of the Sunday Times. Jacqueline works at Stoke Mandeville Hospital, where she runs the Immunology and Serology laboratory.

Our interests and hobbies

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Joint interests
Music We sing (alto and bass) in the choir of St Mary's Church (Anglican) in Princes Risborough, and also in South Bucks Choral Society. We previously sang for about 3 years in the choir of St John the Baptist, Little Missenden. Jacquie has been in some church choir or other most of her life since about the age of seven. We go to a few concerts and opera performances each year. When we have time to practice, Jac plays the alto sax and Peter the trombone.
Biddlecombe Information about the Biddlecombe surname and similar names, including a list of famous Biddlecombes, the origin of the surname, a coat of arms, and information about where Biddlecombes live in the UK.
Henry Henry is a British Blue cat, who arrived here in June 1998. He now has a partner in crime - Mabel, a Chinchilla shorthair, also known as "The White Streak" - she wasn't very friendly when she first arrived, but now tolerates us.
Ballooning We've both been members of local clubs and do some occasional crewing for other members.
Food and Drink We both enjoy cooking and eating.
Travel How very original! Our major holidays:
  • 1993: Tuscany & Umbria
  • 1994: Provence
  • 1995: Isle of Mull & nearby bits of mainland Scotland
  • 1995: Vienna (honeymoon)
  • 1996: Hong Kong, Canton, Guilin, Beijing
  • 1997: Iceland
  • 1998: Hawaii
  • 1999: Tunisia
  • 1999: Dordogne and Loire
  • 2000: Shanghai, Xi'An, Beijing, HK; Andalusia
  • 2001: New England
  • 2002: Russian Cruise (Moscow to St. Petersburg), New York
  • 2003: Norway (fingers crossed for an Aurora Borealis sighting)
Peter's interests
Cryptic Crosswords

Peter has solved about 2 cryptic puzzles a day for the last 20-odd years. He won the Times Crossword Championship in 2000 and 2007, and also reached the final in 1992, 96, 97, 98, 99, 2006, 08, 09 and 10. In 2011 he changed sides and test-solved the championship puzzles.

Peter also writes a few puzzles a year. Follow the link at the left to see some of them, and lots of other information about cryptic crosswords.

Running Although he's not very active these days owing to advancing years and a persistent knee problem, Peter has competed in various running events for North London AC. A long time ago, he ran a couple of 10 mile road races in just under 53 minutes, and ran the London marathon in 1982 and 1992 (2:42 and 2:41 respectively).
Games & Quizzes Peter's always ready for a competitive game of Scrabble, and also enjoys various card games. Backgammon is another favourite.

He also enjoys pub-style quizzes, and in 1992 he won a competition for the wonderful title "Brain of Enfield".

Jacquie's interests
Star Trek,
Inspector Morse
A dedicated fan.
Other TV Anything involving hospitals or animals (maybe not spiders though).
Garden and Home design Of the two of us, Jacquie is the one with the artistic talent, and is more likely than Peter to make imaginative suggestions about what colour to paint the kitchen.

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